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Shalom All

Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Temple Judah is a small but vibrant congregation here in Cedar Rapids. We’ve been a member of the Union for Reform Judaism since 1922, and reflect all the diversity for which Reform Judaism stands. We are inclusive, egalitarian, and welcoming. We hold Reform Services every Sabbath Eve and on all the holidays. But we’ve also offered Traditional services for the High Holy Days and one Shabbat morning a month for over 65 years.  This is because we merged with the Orthodox Shul of Cedar Rapids, Beth Jacob, and it’s a reflection of the further diversity of our membership.

Temple Judah is really a very special place.  Hopefully you can see it in the pictures, videos, and information on this website.  However, I also invite you to come and join us sometime so you can really get to know us.



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