President’s May 2024 Column

It really made me think . . .

As I was watching Face the Nation, a woman whose uncle is being held hostage by Hamas, talked about how they missed him at their Seder table this year. I felt sad and reflected on Temple Judah’s Seder on the second night of Passover. Tony had a chair set at each table with a sign to honor those who are still in captivity in Gaza. He aIso put a daffodil at each table (from his own daffodil project planting at home) in memory of the children who perished in the Holocaust. I was very moved by this and was also very proud to see the turnout at the Seder. We had so many new faces attend; I needed a program to keep up.

The Rabbi did a fantastic job leading the service and it was nice to see the Religious School students participate in the four questions. Also, congrats to Mason Copeland for being the lucky one to find the Afikomen!

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make the Seder successful. The Ritual Committee (Nancy Margulis, Becky Bunting, and Amy Herren), the Rabbi for providing plenty of brisket (in all different combinations so everyone could eat it) and his father Harvey for carving the brisket. Amy Belice and Rose Marks-Scott for help setting up. We need to thank the teenaged boys who worked on the clean-up team in the kitchen and the Ben Engel family who helped with drying all the glasses. I can’t forget Tony Smith, Sue Reider, Becky Bunting and Nancy Margulis for making Charoset. Additionally, Hetty Hall and her daughter, Rachel Graber, made the vegetarian entrée. It really was a team effort!!

I know I say this every month, but I want to thank all those who contribute behind the scenes in making Temple Judah continue to exist and thrive! The Passover Seder was a great example of how we can come together. Even though we are a small community we continue to be strong with our ties to our Temple Judah family. Come join us in prayer and contribute to keeping the flame alive and burning bright. Don’t sit on the outside, looking in. Donate, participate!!

Brian D. Cohen