President’s August 2023 Column

“A beautiful place for a service …”

Terri and I attended a Friday evening service a few weeks ago at the new outdoor sanctuary. We took time to look at the bioswales and all the changes that have taken place on the outside of Temple Judah. It was a wonderful experience and educational. I encourage you to attend one of the outdoor services if you haven’t been to one. They are on the last Friday of the month.

We assembled for the service at the new outdoor sanctuary. Some brought folding chairs, but the limestone seating was very comfortable. During the service as seven of us were listening to the Rabbi play his guitar and sing, his face suddenly changed, and he motioned to the hillside behind us. There coming down the hill were a mother deer and her child. My first reaction was to blurt out … “G_d was providing us with a minion.” It truly made it a wonderful experience.

As the summer winds to a close and the children are preparing to go back to school, I encourage you to enjoy the time you spend together as a family. Also, spend some time with your Temple Judah family. Jodi Picoult writes in her book The Storyteller, “It’s not the years in your life that counts, but the life in your years.”

Brian D. Cohen