President’s April 2021 Column

The Taste of Spring

I made Matzo Ball Soup the other day. Can I say, I love Matzo Ball Soup. I think this dish deserves an abbreviation, “MBS”, as if to rise to the status of the supreme, like RBG. My secret, I use melted butter instead of oil in the recipe.

Maybe like me, you enjoy these holiday traditions and food. We associate taste with special memories and often there is seasonality built into why and when we get those taste pleasures. Like ribbon candy at Christmas time and pumpkin spiced coffee in October.

Each year after my first enjoyable bite of MBS, the taste of perfectly salted homemade chicken stock, and I think, you know, I can make MBS anytime; but I don’t. It is precisely because we do not get something often that makes us appreciate it all the more when we do. These food holidays deploy good tricks to get us coming back.

This spring we can feel the world opening as a derecho damaged daffodil pushes its way upwards through the debris. We can feel hopeful that with population vaccination levels rising, so too are our spirits, that we may walk together in the sunshine.  Take time to walk in nature, it may allow us to reflect on renewal.

The Destination Isn’t in Finding Yourself. The Destination Is in The Search. – Thomas Warfielf

Robert Becker