President’s November 2020 Column

Have you noticed … something is in the air? The tension is heavy to your lungs. The pressure you can feel in your head. People everywhere just want this pandemic over. I understand, I feel the same. Many have lost their livelihood, especially in the service sector. A recent survey has  reported that 78% of our population has personally known a friend or relative that had/has coronavirus. I know many, and some have succumbed. How many can you count?

I have come to know that each one of us experiences this life in a virtual-bubble. There are cov’medics – they are the many folks that risk their own health day in and day out treating, nursing, and caring for the many with this disease. We have some in our family. They include caregivers at home. I thank them for their service.

There are cov’kiddos – they are the ones at home for such a long time by now. Imagine being trapped inside when you were young. I feel for the many parents struggling to find patience and children staring into screens.

Unfortunately, we’ve all known some cov’plainers (Yiddish: cov’vetchers:) – as they will complain how they have it so difficult due to this and that. They are also known for repeating whatever they just heard on their news channel about what else in the world just went wrong. I hope soon we all realize we are all in this together.

There are real cov’viders. They are the ones we should be thinking of. They’ve contracted this virus and some take months to ‘mostly’ recover. Many may have lasting organ defects.

I must also mention the cov’deniers. They think COVID-19 is an invented panic and political in nature. Zealots refusing to live their life ANY differently. A belief that the response to shutdown is worse than the disease and yet here we are, more deaths than from recent wars.

I plead that we do not become so cynical in the system that nothing is believed; statistics are lies, science gets it wrong, I won’t trust the vaccine. Is this healthy? Such reminds me of what a friend used to say, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Here’s what we can agree with, we all want it over and to get back to whatever normal was.

Thank you for allowing me to cov’vent, as yes, it too is a response. Maybe you post or chat. I bike and you can take walks in most any weather if you layer-up. We all need to find our unique method to vent.

Stay Distant – Stay Safe.

Robert Becker

Notice how even on October 28, 2020 I choose to not mention the elections in this our Temple Bulletin. Send me your cov’vention along with its clever definition.