President’s Column May 2020

These are interesting times we are living. Recently, Diane and I attended a funeral via Zoom, a death due to Covid-19. Later we Zoomed on-line for a virtual Shiva. How strange to think that so many, separated by multiple time zones, attended such an important life event over a screen. This shift in how we gather has become familiar.  

We at Temple are also using the virtual platform to continue Shabbat services. I am so thankful Temple Judah has a Rabbi capable of adapting to the realities posed. Thank you, Rabbi, and Carolyn for adjusting to our current challenges. This test of will of sheltering will soon be lifted, and we will gradually go back to living a life more familiar, though altered forever.  We cannot predict the changes that we and society may undergo as a result of this first global pandemic in modern times. For instance, will we ever go back to shaking hands or greeting dear friends with a kiss? May it become a familiar option to attend a funeral virtually?  

Your Temple board has been meeting and taking care the necessary responsibilities to continue operations and planning. We have been reviewing the finances and want to remind members to check your dues have been paid up to date. As you may know, the recent legislation passed allows for non-profit institutions to apply for PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan/grant.  We have initiated the required application, but we are not sure approval will be granted or funding will be available.  

As part of this administration we are undertaking an initiative to create documentation on the cadence of running our Temple. We have a new cloud-based system that tracks reports and provides necessary information. Each year new Officers take on responsibilities they are not familiar with. Let us learn from those in the past, with notes and process systems that can extend our knowledge base into the future. It is not enough to just get the job done for today, but to think of the future.

Plan for a healthy recovery to our situation today.  The future will be here tomorrow.  In the words of the English expression… “May you live in interesting times”.

Robert Becker