President’s April 2020 Column

Those with Clean Hands and a Pure Heart … The familiar words from our psalm seems to take on new meaning these days. We find ourselves in an adventure of world proportion and we aren’t sure of the ending. Some may regress to fear that our life in C-19 quarantine has only led to misery and restrictions. Others may take this as an opportunity to re-connect with loved ones, to read something that excites you or slow down and connect within. Most us bounce between these two continuums.

Temple Judah continues. Services have become virtual which may lack the personal attention, but also allows everyone to easily get on-line and participate. If you need help connecting to these Zoom events, please ask myself or with an email to Temple and we can assist you.

The Temple Board is continuing to meet (via Zoom) and make necessary tactical decisions as the situation presents weekly.

This is our situation, we adapt! When we consider the setbacks and triumphs our forefathers and mothers went through in order that we can be here today, we now may be able to better relate. So many diseases are today’s medical history. Fear of Polio and Measles were real and ever present not so long ago. Today’s sequester will turn around with science and a cooperating public – we will again find ourselves in the company of friends and family.

Those with clean hands and a pure heart, Psalm 24 was first recited for the rededication of The Temple. I pray that we take this time to rededicate ourselves to finding peace within and strengthen one’s resiliency. It has served our ancestors well and today resiliency will be our guide.

Stay safe, take walks outside, and wash your hands often.

Robert Becker