President’s Column February 2019

We recently held our Tu B’shevat Seder hosted by Hadassah. Thank you to Hadassah and everyone who helped prepare for it, and thanks to everyone who attended, despite the threat of bad weather.  A big thank you also goes to Theresa Fishleder for years of baking the weekly Shabbat challah for Temple Judah!

It’s hard to think about planting trees for Tu B’shevat when, as of writing this column, the prediction for Wednesday is a high of -16 degrees and a low of -31 degrees Fahrenheit (with much lower wind chills). Speaking of severe weather, when Temple Judah has weather-related activity cancellations, we send out direct notifications to any congregants that might be affected by the cancellation, and we will often submit a notice on the KCRG closures listing.

In a strange circumstance, I happened to come into possession of a very interesting find – a 1972 Hadassah cookbook. At the time, Hadassah was celebrating 60 years of service in the U.S. and Israel. The committee of ladies who put the cookbook together were Mrs. Seymour Ohsman, Mrs. Harold Becker, Mrs. David Rapoport, Mrs. A.L. Smulekoff, and Mrs. Harry Sutton. Its recipes are authored by a multitude of Temple Judah congregants, for a wide variety of foods, from gefilte fish and tuna molds, to Challah and bagels, to meat dishes and Passover cakes. It also includes cooking tips, poems, and miscellaneous advice, like “To whiten laces, wash them in sour milk.” Or this weather-appropriate tip, “Clothes do not freeze on a wire clothesline if first wiped with kerosene cloth.”  This is truly a gem of a book! I plan to give it to the Temple Judah library, so anyone who is interested in browsing through it or copying recipes can do so.

For all the kids, teachers, and parents who helped with the kite project in early January, the kites were delivered! There is a video link in the Bulletin, where you can see how happy the kids are to receive and play with the kites.

Check out the Bulletin for other events going on this month, and stay warm everyone!